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paola_pri_a_01The school in Ġuze D'Amato Street, Paola was built in 1930 and housed three separate sections: Infant Section, Girls' Section and Boys' Section. At present there are two sections: School A' and School B'. The school was named after a Pharmacist Ġ. Aġius on the 11 of May 1996. Mr Ġ. Aġius was well known in Paola and the surrounding towns for his philanthropic activity. The number of boys and girls who attend Primary A' is 582. Their age ranges from three to eight years. 74 of these children are housed in a separate budding situated in School Street, Tarxien. Having to cater for children who are so young, we try to keep the atmosphere at school as relaxed as possible. We organise a number of activities to involve all the children. These activities include outings, concerts (for Christmas, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day), two Sports' Days and Environment Day.

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